Tuffy Tilt Tables – About Us


If you are interested in seeing one of our hoof trimming chutes in action, please give us a call and we’ll try to find one near you. Many of our trimmers are so happy with our machines that they are delighted to show others it’s qualities. Just drop us an email from our contact us page, or give us a call!

Comments from our customers…


“This chute has been a game changer for me!”

  • 28 Years – Professional Hoof Trimmer, PA

“It is the best piece of equipment I ever bought!

So reliable it’s not even funny!”

  • Professional Hoof Trimmer, Canada

“Great people to work with! And in my opinion one of the best chutes on the market!!!”

  • Professional Hoof Trimmer, PA

“Tuffy is the most comfortable chute on the market.”

  • Professional Hoof Trimmer, PA


“My income skyrocketed when I bought one of your machines.”

  • Professional Hoof Trimmer, OR


“I have farmers who will not let me bring another chute on the farm!”

“I love the chute!”

“You have a long term customer with me!”

“The cows walk right in!”

  • 20 Years – Professional Hoof Trimmer, NY   


“Most comfortable chute I’ve ever used!”

“Very well built.”

“Cows walk right in!”

  • 33 Years – Professional Hoof Trimmer , IA


“Cows don’t kick as in other chutes.”

“Cradles the cow very comfortably.”

  • 3 years – Professional Hoof Trimmer, PA


“I like the chute.”

“I’ve used stand up chutes but this is the best one I’ve ever used!”

“I have a friend who has another chute but he likes to use mine when we trim together.”

  • 13 years – Professional Hoof trimmer, PA


“Thanks so much for the quality craftsmanship. I’m impressed!”

  • Professional Hoof Trimmer, ME